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The secret of robust pipeline project management is the leading indicator.

Leading indicators are the key metrics that make pipeline projects robust. They allow you to prevent problems, stay proactive, and predict risk and[..]

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The RCM series, Part Three: Some risks are worth taking, especially if they help you prove the worth of RCM to everyone

Our three-part reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) series concludes with a close-up look at how RCM runs from day to day. You have risks to define[..]

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The RCM series, Part Two: Seeing failure from four different angles, and measuring the value of avoiding it

Our reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) series continues with a close-up look at failure. If you're wondering how we got here, check Part One's[..]

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How much can you bend HDPE before it ruptures?

by Advanced Piping Systems
on February 11, 2020

PE100 Fittings, HDPE, Poly Pipe

Polyethylene pipe has a lot of benefits: It's lightweight, it's easy to handle, it's non-corrosive and it isn't going to snap. And if it's installed[..]

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APS to the rescue! How we helped complete a pipeline on time

When a new HDPE pipeline was being built to supply treated water to a coal mine and power station in New South Wales, time was ticking. Their supplier[..]

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Forged reducing tees made with the highest precision ...

Whether you’re in mining, civil works or another industry that uses poly fittings, Advanced Piping’s custom made forged reducing tees can be fabricated[..]

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BSP Threaded Adaptors for Poly Welding

Our new and bigger range of PE100 BSP Threaded adaptors will help ensure reliable, quality and safe fabrication for your poly pipe systems.

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We are your Number 1 manufacturer of Specialist Shouldered Ends

Advanced Piping has a BRAND NEW range ready for fast dispatch and no lead time!
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